At Risk Stories - Mr. Santimoy Banerjee

Mr. Santimoy Banerjee (At Risk Stories)

Mr. Santimoy Banerjee

Full Oral History Interview



Santimoy Banerjee, 80, is a philanthropist and retired biochemist. The interview includes discussion of his training in the 1960s in the growing field of biochemistry at the University of Calcutta Bose Institute and at Harvard University. He describes these early years of his career as among his most distinguished. He discusses growing up in a joint family in Calcutta, and how he became dedicated to social work and giving back to the less fortunate. He recalls his efforts in Boston and Chicago to send food and clothing back to the slums of his hometown and the creation of a non-profit that provides vocational training for women so that they can rise out of poverty.




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Date Recorded

December 13, 2021


Amita Banerjee



Date Of Birth


Place of Birth or Hometown

Calcutta, India

Date of Immigration

1969, 1975

Reason for Immigration

post-doctoral training and employment

Port of Entry

New York, NY



Occupation of Parent(s)

Federal government officer (father); homemaker (mother)

Number of Siblings


Family's Religion


Languages Spoken



Mitra Institution; University of Calcutta; Bose Institute; Harvard University

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