At Risk Stories - Ms. Krishna Chakrabarthy

Ms. Krishna Chakrabarthy (At Risk Stories)

Ms. Krishna Chakrabarthy

Full Oral History Interview



Krishna Chakrabarthy, 80, is a retired biochemist, college lecturer, and active member of the Bengali community in Chicago. The interview includes discussion of her youth in Gujarat, her father’s influence on her decision to study in the United States, her arranged marriage, and her and her husband’s distinguished careers in research. She describes her life as the only Indian girl in all of UC Davis in the early 1960s, her studious nature, and how the sudden deaths of her son and husband have taught her to appreciate life. Her husband is renowned for being the first person to patent a live bacterium. She founded Varosha, a non-profit that sends funds and provides vocational training to women and children in West Bengal. Other topics discussed include: the Bengali Association of Greater Chicago, the Umesh Literary Society, teaching at the University of Illinois, her decision to wear a sari, and how much she enjoys swimming.




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Date Recorded

December 1, 2021


Jitesh Jaggi



Date Of Birth


Place of Birth or Hometown

Pune, India Morbi, India

Date of Immigration

1961 and 1967

Reason for Immigration

higher education and employment for husband

Port of Entry


Biochemist and Lecturer

Occupation of Parent(s)

Professor of Physics (father); homemaker (mother)

Number of Siblings


Family's Religion



home school; St. Xavier's College in Mumbai; Scottish Church College; University of Calcutta master's; University of California Davis PhD
Residence In United States Other Than Chicago Davis, CA Urbana, IL

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